Hillbrook Estates was formed in 2007 out of a need to provide quality homes, yet affordable for families who want to be out of the busier city life. Hillbrook accommodates this by having green open spaces, a quiet neighborhood, and simplified everyday lifestyle, while still giving the opportunity to enjoy strolls with the family in a safe area.


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Recently, Hillbrook Estates has expanded construction of homes into what are called phases. Phase 2 is being developed to allow 6 more homes to be a part of this quiet neighborhood.Coming soon is Phase 3 of this subdivision, which will be a storage  facility area for boats, trailers, or any recreation vehicle homeowners may have. Plans are to have indoor, outdoor, and some enclosed heated areas for parking of this equipment. All this will be within blocks of each homeowner for easy secure access.


  • A Homeowners Association with covenants and restrictions governs Hillbrook Estates. This Association ensures the quality and lifestyle with this nice area are maintained.
  • Serviced by a public sewer system. Each home has its own private well for water. The water is very plentiful in this valley and no metering of water usage is used.
  • The Homeowners Association clears the main roads within Hillbrook Estates of heavy snow in the winter months and maintains weed control during the summer months.
  • A future Storage facilities for recreation vehicles will be available to Hillbrook Estates homeowner at a reduced cost as a benefit of living here.
  • Each residential lot is a minimum of ½ acre to allow for privacy.
  • High speed Internet is available to all lots within the subdivision